Ulverston Methodist Church

Ulverston, Cumbria

Our brief was to transform the lighting in the church to raise the light levels for the church congregation while not losing the dramatic effect caused by up lighting the high ceiling of the church. Low energy was a preferred benefit for the church, but not essential due to the hours the church lights were operated. What was more important was low maintenance as halogen lights were currently installed that frequently needed changing as this was not easy due to the height that these lights were installed.

The easy solution would have been to install two lights back to back, but we felt this was clumsy and unsightly. Instead we found that a single light from an Italian manufacturer would work well. This light has a cut out in the back of its body, allowing 20% of the light output to be directed on the ceiling, while 80% was directed downwards, where the light is needed most.

Asymmetric light output assured that the light levels were as even as could be achieved across the width of the church floor, even though the lights were mounted on either side.

A calculation was performed to determine the required lumen output and therefore wattage of the light and the lights were specified and delivered to site. Metal Halide was the preferred light source as this is relatively long life, has a high lumen output and also was cost effective.


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