St James's Church

Shaw, Greater Manchester

Lumenata Lighting Design was asked to design the lighting scheme for St James’s Church in Shaw and supply the lights for a major refurbishment of the church.
Discussing a brief with the church management, their requirement was for low energy and low maintenance products, with the latter being of particular importance due to the inaccessibility of the fittings. The church also wanted us to refurbish  some original antique brass pendant lights that had been stored away and not used for years. Dark areas of the church also needed to be addressed as the congregation was having difficulty reading prayer and hymn books on dark winter’s nights.
Our initial survey of the church revealed some fantastic architectural features that we wanted to emphasise, such as the vaulted beamed roof. Lecterns were to be moved and needed to be lit separately from the altar depending on the service being carried out in the church.
Our initial design was presented to the church with computer generated images showing how the church would look with the proposed lighting scheme. Continuous LED lights were proposed for lighting the ceiling, and LED spotlights were used to highlight artwork, the altar and the lecterns. We proposed to refurbish the antique brass and complement these with another brass pendant to add light to the dark areas.
After a little bit of fine tuning, our final design was presented to the Diocese and approved. A lighting control system was also included that allowed the lights to be controlled from the altar using a simple keypad or an iPad as required.
The final result is stunning. The rear altar is lit using just two 20w LED spotlights. The roof is lit using the continuous LED strip that we proposed and more of the 20w LED spotlights are used to light the artwork and the lecterns. Plus using LED lights will give the church years of maintenance free lighting.


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