Runshaw College

Chorley, Lancashire

Rushaw College have completed a major refurbishment of their Euxton Lane campus by installing LED lighting from Lumenata Lighting Design.
The project included the following:
– Replacement of 36w T8 fluorescent tubes with 18w T8 LED in classrooms
– Replacement of 18w T8 fluorescent tubes with 8w T8 LED tubes
– Replacement of 16w TC-DD lamps with 5w LED TC-DD retrofit lamps
– Replacement of 50w halogen lamps with 7w LED lamps
– Replacement of 150w SON street lights with 36w LED street lights
The college were undecided on whether to use LEDs with a 4000K colour temperature or a 6000K colour temperature, so two classrooms were converted as test rooms for feedback by staff ad students. 6000K was decided on and the project went ahead on this basis.
The result was fantastic. Classrooms were brighter, light distribution was more even.
David Sharrock of Runshaw College has since commented ‘We are extremely happy with the LED products supplied for our Euxton Lane campus by Lumenata. Our rooms are brighter, our corridors show a much more even spread of light, our maintenance costs are down and of course our electricity bills are down also’.


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