Lostock Hall Academy

Preston, Lancashire

Lostock Hall Academy in Preston has recently undergone a project to replace all their old inefficient T12 lighting products with modern energy efficient lighting products and are reaping the rewards.
The new lighting products give roughly the same amount of light output while consuming only about half of the power of the T12 lighting products they have replaced.
The school is set to save over £8,000 per year in electricity costs simply as a result of installing the new lighting products. The project was funded under the government's Salix scheme, which meant that there was no upfront capital cost to the school.
Lights were changed in all areas of the school such as the corridors, sports hall and of course the class rooms.
Lostock Hall Academy's School Business Manager Vanessa Ashford commented 'We are extremely happy with the new lighting. Not only are we saving considerable mounts of money in terms of our electricity consumption, but the whole place looks brighter, cleaner and a lot more welcoming'.


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