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Why Lumenata?

Lighting for museums has taken a major step forward with the development of LED lighting technology. Unlike traditional lighting, this relatively new technology does not emit UV radiation that can be harmful to precious exhibits. 

Lumenata Lighting Design has extensive knowledge of LED lighting products that can be used to illuminate museum exhibits providing our customers with tailor made lighting solutions.

Embracing Technology

LED lighting is a must now for museum lighting and the choice is vast.

Motorised LED spotlights are ideal for difficult to access areas such as very high ceilings mening that the time to set up exhibits is much reduced.

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Making the Process Easier for You

Let Lumenata Lighting Design guide you through the minefield of LED products on the marketplace today that are recommended for museums.

As an independent designer and supplier of lights, we will be sure to recommend the best lighting solution to you based on your specific needs.


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