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Residential Project

Parbold, Lancashire


A & E Entrance

Preston, Lancashire


Residential Project

Longridge, Lancashire


Quay House

Spinningfields, Manchester


Why Lumenata?

To light the exterior of a building effectively involves more that positioning a floodlight in front of it.

It involves studying the architectural features of the building and using the latest lighting technology to use light to emphasise these features.

Take advantage of our unrivalled knowledge of modern lighting technology to show your building off to stunning effect.

Embracing Technology

Modern LED lighting has transformed the way we light the exterior of buildings. 

The ability to seal these lights and protect them from the elements has made these products much more reliable longer term.

The use of modern technopolymers to construct exterior lights has increased their longevity in coastal regions and tiny LED chips are providing minature lights that pack a real punch when lighting architectural features.

Colour changing LEDs are being used to great effect now to illuminate the exteriors of buildings also.


Making the Process Easier for You

Selecting the right product for the job can be difficult with the vast array of exterior lighting solutions available on today's market.

We can guide you when selecting the best product for he job that will provide years of reliable service.


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