D Jacobson & Sons

Rawtenstall, Lancashire

D Jacobson and Son (Jacobson) are leading distributors of shoes in the UK. At their head office in Lancashire is an extensive retail style showroom that shows off their products to prospective purchasers. As an environmentally responsible company, Jacobson were keen to reduce their energy consumed at their head office and one of the major contributors to their energy bill was the halogen lighting that showed off their products so well. Halogen light sources are very inefficient, producing a lot of heat and the air conditioning used in the showrooms was having to remove all this heat – a secondary waste of energy!
Lumenata Lighting Design was  contacted by Jacobson to advise on LED lighting options for their showrooms, but while energy consumption was a concern, it could not be at the compromise of light quality that would have an adverse effect on how their products are displayed.
As an independent supplier of lighting products, Lumenata were able to provide a variety of samples to Jacobson that allowed them to assess the best product in terms of light output, beam angle and colour temperature. A preferred product was selected and rolled out through the entire showroom.
So if you are a retailer with concerns about your energy bills, contact us straight away so we can show you how to save energy without compromising on light quality.


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