“More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

The Importance of Lighting in Commercial Applications

When implemented correctly, lighting can bring so many benefits to the commercial sector. Lighting has the ability to

  • Make your retail products more appealing to your customers

  • Make your workforce more productive

  • Save your business energy and money

  • Make your bar or restaurant more appealing to your customers

So with all the potential benefits that lighting can bring, why would anybody trust their lighting to anyone other than a lighting specialist such as Lumenata?

And who better than Lumenata to guide you through your lighting project with their complete lighting expertise that encompasses design, procurement, installation and after sales care.


Project Nova, London

Case Study

Project Nova was initially designed using traditional lighting technologies and while the design team were aware of the advantages of LED lighting technology, the costs were prohibitive.
So Lumenata were called in to redesign the scheme using affordable LED lighting techniques.
Lumenata designed and sourced the lighting for the public areas of the commercial spaces such as the reception area, the lift lobbies and the washrooms, saving money and taking advantage of the benefits of LED lighting.

Nova 3.jpg
Nova 4.jpg
Nova 5.jpg
Nova 8.jpg

Runshaw College, Lancashire

Case Study

When Runshaw College wanted to convert its campus to LED lighting, who better to call in to advise and source the lighting than Lumenata. Studies had shown that selecting the correct colour temperature of LEDs can affect the attentiveness of students and in order to prove this a pilot study was undertaken in which two identical classrooms were converted to LED using different colour temperatures, one of which was the one recommended by Lumenata.
The results were conclusive and the recommended colour temperature was selected to be used in the conversion of the site to LED during the summer break.


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