Lighting that Benefits our Well Being

The use of lighting can greatly benefit our well being. Whether it is biodynamic lighting that benefits people who suffer from mental conditions such as dementia, designing the lighting to help people who suffer from autism or simply selecting the right light for a work place environment, the Lumenata team are here to help and guide you to making the best decisions possible with your lighting products and designs.


Lighting Design for Autism Respite Centre

Lumenata has recently been commissioned to design the lighting for an autism respite centre for the NHS. 

After researching the needs of people who suffer from autism, a scheme was proposed that had the following features:

  • Diffused light to reduce glare

  • Dimmable lights

  • Comfortable warm white LEDs

  • Clutter free installation

  • Ability to change colour to accomodate the mood of the user

We are pleased that this design concept has been accepted by the health authority and are looking forward to the final results. 

Low Glare Office Light.jpg

Low Glare Office lights reduce headaches among staff

LED panels are one of the lowest cost lighting product on the market today. Unfortunately, as a consequence, many of these products are poor quality and not really suited to an office environment.

This was the case recently with a project we were called in to help with.

Our client had an office with no natural light and had installed LED panels in order to be environmentally friendly. But soon after installing these products, office staff complained of headaches.

We therefore recommended our low glare office ceiling lights, which produce the same amount and spread of light, but with the LEDs recessed into the body of the light and we are pleased to report that the problems with headaches has been resolved. 

Lumenata practices what it preaches

At Lumenata, we are big advocates of the benefits of biodynamic lighting (aka human centric lighting) - lighting that changes colour temperature and intensity to mimic natural daylight.
The benefits of this technology are well known in the lighting industry in all sorts of applications such as healthcare, education, commercial and industrial applications. 
So it will be no surprise that Lumenata has installed biodynamic lighting in its head office in Preston.

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