Residential Project

Bolton, Greater Manchester

Our client, a homeowner, had a poorly lit lounge with an ornate ceiling that could not be disturbed, ruling out traditional ceiling lights and popular downlights. Reading was difficult at dusk and during the night so light levels needed to be increased. Lumenata were called in to resolve the problem and we did.
The client showed us their proposed interior design for the lounge, which had a traditional feel, and we enhanced it to improve the light levels.The scheme used a picture rail, positioned on the wall approximately 25% down from the ceiling, that was adapted to house a tiny LED light source that provided high levels of light that were reflected off the ceiling providing the required levels of light in the centre of the room.
These LEDs are fully dimmable, providing a nice relaxing ambiance when needed and were combined with contemporary picture lights that prove that you can combine modern lighting styles with traditional decor to stunning effect.
So if you have a room that is not well lit and you wish is was, call in the experts at Lumenata Lighting Design who will show you how to resolve the issue.


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