Residential Project

Bispham, Lancashire

Our brief was to design a lighting scheme for a client who wanted to convert a swimming pool area in their home, that was not used, into a modern kitchen area with a relaxing annexe. In addition, an extension was to be built with guest quarters with en suite facilities. This would give the homeowner a much more spacious kitchen area and a sitting area that is flooded with natural light due to the glass roof that this area used.
However, the latter provided a problem for the client as the only way they knew how to light this room was to use decorative pendants, suspended from beams on the glass roof. These were highly ineffective as most of the light was lost through the glass ceiling.
The design boffins at Lumenata Lighting Design came up with a fantastic solution and that was to convert these beams into lights. The beams were modified using high transmitting polymeric materials combined with LED lighting in such a way so that when the LEDs are switched off, the beams look like beams, but when the LEDs are switched on they provide the light levels required. Dimmable LEDs were used so that a more subdued level of light could be achieved when relaxing in the evening.
But Lumenata’s lighting design expertise was not isolated to creating secret beam lights. Subtle indirect lighting was combined with functional direct lighting in the kitchen area that provided a variable lighting scheme that complements the multiple functions employed in the kitchen.
And beautiful decorative lights were also used in the guest annexe to provide a modern feel in this traditional house that work to a treat.
So if you have a difficult to light area, an area that needs variable lighting or a just looking for lights with the wow factor, call the experts at Lumenata Lighting Design today – why delay?


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