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Lighting Design for Domestic Projects

Self build Home, Rossendale

Stunning feature lights were created in response to a brief to create fun and unusual lighting for a seven bedroom family home.

They included a constellation of LED 'stars' which transformed a plain kitchen wall and colour changing LEDs used to light up an arch at the front of the house.

Wall lights by minimalist Italian lighting range Buzzi & Buzzi lights were arranged in a ladder-style formation up another wall.

The scheme also features practical light solutions such as the LED wall lights that run along the base of the wall on the landing, providing a soft, energy efficient night light.

Outside, four low energy uplights buried in the ground light up the front of the house, highlighting the different textures of the stone fascia.

“Lumenata came up with wonderful designs that we would never have thought of ourselves and the final result is striking and totally unique” said Steve Allcock, home owner

Contemporary Home gets Finishing Touches

Cleverly designed lighting was created by Lumenata Lighting Design to enhance the architectural structure of this modern home. The steel structure was pointed out by the architect as a key feature of the construction and this was highlighted using buried metal halide uplights, which combine low energy and low maintenance for the home owner, while providing a brilliant illumination of the feature with the minimum of fuss. Other lighting was used in areas such as the main entrance, by the steps leading to the roof garden and by the exterior doors, also leading to the roof garden.

LED House, Ulverston, Cumbria

LED Lighting Design, Cumbria The brief was to create a stylish and contemporary lighting scheme with all the demands of energy efficiency that you would expect from an eco-friendly Baufritz home.

The result is what is believed to be one of only a handful of homes in UK to be lit entirely by LED bulbs - widely considered to be the lighting of the future thanks to their ultra low consumption of electricity and longevity.

So-called ‘secret’ lights by minimalist Italian range Buzzi & Buzzi – spotlights that can be built into walls and ceilings so that they disappear into the surroundings - were specially converted to LED and used throughout the house.

In keeping with the contemporary, minimalist theme, lights were used instead of walls to cleverly divide the large open plan living space into separate zones, with each area separately wired and controlled.

“We really wanted to do something a bit different that would benefit the environment. We felt we could justify spending the extra money to get the long term payback of a reduction in energy costs. We’re delighted with the result” said Lee Stoller, home owner

Renovated Vicarage, Lytham

Renovated Vicarage, Lytham Minimalist lighting was the finishing touch for this 160-year-old former vicarage in Lytham following an extensive renovation.

The brief was to create a contemporary lighting scheme that would complement the home’s neutral walls and rich, dark wood floors. Our scheme featured so called ‘secret’ lights from the minimalist Italian lighting range Buzzi & Buzzi, which can be built into walls and ceilings so that they seem to disappear into the surroundings

Everything has been linked to an intelligent lighting control system that operates by a single remote.

“I knew exactly how I wanted to the house to look and I didn’t want to mess up with bad lighting. Paul advised me on what to go for, but it was the 3D computer image that clinched it. It was spot on - the end result looks exactly the same - and I’m thrilled with it” said Home owner Matthew Chadwick